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(posted and written by Kelly Acock, Director of the Longview Festival 2013/14)

The very first time I drove by the Historical Longview Barns I thought OH wow, how amazing are these structures and what I wouldn't give to take a look inside!   Ten years later I was digging in the dirt and rubble inside to bring to life a history that was, in a great sense, buried by time.  

Let me share with you all that goes into the thought process of digging and what the goal is to preserve the history here at New Longview.   Uncovering treasures of the past, rusted or not ~ otherwise known as 'diggin' in these parts ~ is the careful manipulation of pulling and moving heavy and severely dirty items out of the way to uncover said treasures that will spark memories and bring value to our time here today.  And please note when I say 'heavy and dirty'...these things are piled upon piled in these barns and our goal is to save the architectural elements of buildings that were forced to be torn down due to degradation in the Depression (among other factors) ~ and piles upon piles of animal feces topped with other natural elements does not make for a super clean day, especially when it's 80* plus outside.  Hey, that's just living when diggin'!  

None the less, my beyond amazing team and I have had some great discoveries while exploring the hardware and salvageable elements of the barns to bring you, the public, so many incredible goodies that YOU can purchase and continue to admire the handy work that went into creating the dream of The Longview Farm, the farm R.A.Long built.   


This year in particular I had the pleasure of diggin' with one of my friends and local celebrities, Ms. Leanne Wright Lee ~ our very own Diva of DIY.  This girl has talent oooooozing out her pinkies and she's just what these architectural salvaged items needed to get a face lift and a new life!   This queen of UpCycle will be on site both Friday, September the 12th from 4pm to 10pm ~ and Saturday, September 13th from 10am to 8pm to show you how to upCycle the Historical items we have picked from the barns.  So wow!!

The Historical Tent filled with these salvaged items will be open to the public on Saturday, September 13th during the festival hours from 10am to 8pm.   We hope you can join us for this amazing community event as it benefits the Endowment for the Longview Foundation.   


Thank You SO much for all who have volunteered to keep this history alive.  

Thanks especially this year in your efforts of diggin' in 'the dirt and extremely dirtier' to the following:
Jan Race (you're smile and energy lights up a room), Cameron Pudenz (you're an amazing kid and thanks so much for your muscle and energy!), Matt Faulkner (thanks always for accommodating those last minute crazy requests this festival and team put on you, and you do it with a smile all the while.  wowee!)   Thank you to Brandon out at New Longview who supports the every every every day to day activity.   Thank you to ALL the Board members of New Longview for welcoming me to join in again this year with this amazing community event and thank YOU to Fred Grogan the new Chair of New Longview Foundation for your kindness and patience with such a big project, you've been so fun to work with).  
Thank you to Laura Smith who makes sure all the books are in order and everyone is ship shape ~ that's a tall order and you do it so incredibly well.  BIG thanks to Ms. Megan Day (who just keeps supporting all the brainstorming emails, work load and oh my gosh every everything this Foundation and Festival has to offer!....
.....and an incredible amazing INCREDIBLE thanks to the one and only David Gale, the developer and past chair of New Longview Foundation.  Dave ~ you have and are the energy and force with preserving the history and continuing in all of these amazing community events.  Your generosity is far beyond generous when it comes to donating to such organizations and the community those serve and I personally thank you as I know so many here in the community also thank you for continuing to support and give as you do.  

Simply an amazing team of incredible people.  

I am so lucky and blessed ~ remember, 10 years ago I asked for this.   ;-)   

Please come visit us next Friday or Saturday ~ WE are here and this is YOUR community.   
Kelly A.
Director, Longview Festival 2013/14

Send me any questions or inquiries anytime ~ kellyacock@gmail.com   913.636.6961    

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