My Revelation ~ an excerpt, page 131

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Written by Loula Long Combs

p. 131-132

'I was up earlier than usual and went to the stable before breakfast.  Beau was putting up such a game fight to live.  Some horses are like some people and just give up, but not my little Beau.  H stood there with a light blue plaid cooler thrown over him ; he was breathing heavily, and his little face looked so drawn.  If you are accustomed to being around horses, you will notice how their expression changes when they are sick.
I called him by name ~ he turned his head slightly, but did not make a move to come for his sugar.  I went over and tried to tempt him with a fresh carrot, but he was too sick to eat.  I knew by the expression on the men's faces that Beau's sickness was very serious.  I went into the house and tried to eat breakfast but couldn't swallow.  I wanted to be in the stall with my pet, but when I was there, I just felt helpless and distressed by his suffering.  Again I went into his stall, but this time he didn't even raise his head when I spoke to him.  His breathing had become much more labored, and his eyes had a glassy, unnatural look.  For the first time, I had a feeling that he wasn't going to get well.  I just couldn't keep the tears back, so I put my cheek against his feverish neck and cried as though my heart would break. 
Sometimes I wish I did not love so intensely, because it causes a great deal of suffering; but, on the other hand, it brings much happiness.'

Beau is buried at the back of the stable.  His grave was always covered by a beautiful flower bed, his blanket made of flowers.  

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