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In the Fall of 2001 more than 800 community members worked alongside a nationally respected team of land planners and designers in an exhaustive six day design, planning and working party convened by Gale Communities to help 'Save Longview'. 


From this came the concept for New Longview, a TND {Traditional Neighborhood Design} community.  This variety of homes, offices, shops, restaurants, an elementary school, churches and parks incorporated the original historic structures and together created a functioning village next door to Longview College and the 5,000 acre Longview Park, both part of the original estate.

So after 40 years of idle use, Longview's 12 remaining buildings are being reborn into a community with historic value and great character.  Over 320 families now call the area home and 24 businesses providing services and 'walk to work' opportunities.

Families attracted to this TND Lifestyle Choice Community have often experienced, and value the social and aesthetic benefits that are distinctive to New Longview.  Residents have moved from Chicago, New York, Charleston, Boston, Sacramento, Ann Arbor, Santa Barbara, and locally from Liberty, Brookside and Waldo. 

To learn more about the amazing New Longview Foundation click here...

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